Side Scan Sonar Cable Winch

Deigned by:  Dan Scoville

Machined by:  Dan Scoville

Goal:  Make a winch that can store and deploy 2000ft plus of steel side scan cable

First I assembled some 1/2 inch plates of aluminum and laid them out in the basic places that they would eventually be to get a feel for the actual size that the winch would be when complete.   I got a piece of leftover aluminum tube that would become the spool as well and laid it in the middle to see how that looked.

Then I went to work on the side plates  First I just machined their basic shape out on the mill and tapped the holes into them so they could be mounted onto the base of the winch.   I also machined a couple flanges and slid them onto the aluminum tube that would eventually become the axle for the cable drum.

I had the drum cut and faced off by someone with a bigger lathe than I have.  Then I drilled and tapped the holes in each end so I could screw down the side plates once they were done.  To do this accurately I made a drill guide using a small piece that was cut off the end of the drum.  

Next the aluminum for the side plates was rough cut on the band saw and mounted up on the rotatory table for finishing and to put all the holes into it.   After that I made some rods to hold the hubs on the axles in place for welding.  Then I machined some brackets to hold a small water proof cylinder onto the axel.  This will be my rotating junction box for the cable connections.