Side Scan Sonar Cable Winch

Deigned by:  Dan Scoville

Machined by:  Dan Scoville

Goal:  Make a winch that can store and deploy 2000ft plus of steel side scan cable

I bought a plate sprocket that would be used for main drive on cable spool.  I centered the plate sprocket up on the mill so I could drill the mounting holes around the outside.  Then mounted it on the lathe and cut the center out to reduce weight and make space for the axle to fit through.  

Then I went back to work on the side plates and rounded out the corners so they would not be sharp and so they would look better.  I also machined some triangles in the corners.  These will help with lifting and tying down the winch.

I made up a quick mount for the motor and gear box to mount on.  The motor and gear box will be mount solid onto this plate and then the plate will mount on the winch.  The slots will allow for the unit to be slid forward or back to adjust the chain. 

I also made a cable grip so that the cable will be securely held on the winch without violating the minimum bend radius of the cable.  I had originally planned on using steel cable that was 1/4 inch diameter but later changed it to .1875 inch diameter cable.  Because of this change I had to machine up a second cable grip.    

Now its time to put it all together and see the progress to date.  Its coming together!

Next I made a few triangles out of aluminum to be used to support the side plates once they are in place.

I bought a PWM board to run the winch.  This board will take in 12 - 48 volts from a battery and pulse width modulate the output so that I will be able to vary the speed of the winch.  I connected the board up for the 1st time and it worked perfectly!  Now I need to make a housing for it so that it will be safe from the elements offshore.