Side Scan Sonar Cable Winch

Deigned by:  Dan Scoville

Machined by:  Dan Scoville

Goal:  Make a winch that can store and deploy 2000ft plus of steel side scan cable

The enclosure for the PWM board is made from delrin riser, an aluminum base and a plexiglass lid.  I started with the delrin enclosure which I made from a piece of round stock. 

From here I've got a finish up a few details and the winch will be ready for anodizing and final assembly.  So, I shortened up the axle  made a plastic plug for one side and machined threads and an adapter for the other side so I can mount a rotary joint in the end.

Then I flipped the part over and cut the outside profile of the hand controller.  I also rounded the outside edge of the part with a 1/4 round bit.  I milled a hole in the top of the controller for the speed control knob and wrote some G-code to put some graduations around it and engraved the word "speed" into it.

Next I went to work on the hand controller.  This will be what allows the speed and direction of the winch to be select.  The design I came up with for this was supposed to look good and have a lot of curves in it.  This was because I wanted to really play with the new CNC mill table that I built.  It turned out to be a lot of work and hours of writing G-code by hand.  I started by milling out the inside contours of the hand controller.  This took quite a few hours.

Now on to work on the back plate of the hand controller.

Next the aluminium plate base was machined and a base to mount the box to the winch was completed and anodized.  

I finished the top of the controller off with the rest of the holes for the buttons and engraved the names of there functions in.

Made the speed control know and put it together.  Looks pretty good but it was a lot of work.