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Lake Ontario Shipwrecks - Chug-A-Lug V

Found by:  Dan Scoville & Chris Koberstein - July 2012

Location:  Off Oswego, NY

NY 1921 DS - Chug - A - Lug V

Found in deep water off Oswego NY this boat should have been easy to identify.  Dispite its condition being very poor the boats NYS registration number is plainly legible on one of the few walls that remain standing.  Another clue is the boats name "Chug - A - Lug V" which is just barely legible on the stern.  The boat appears to be a house boat but in its present state we can not be sure.


Several attempts to identify this boat using the NYS registration number met with dead ends.  In addition searches in several local newspapers did not result in any leads.  Any information that would help identify this boat would be welcome.   


The Discovery Team​
Dan Scoville is an experienced cave and technical diver. In 2005, Dan led the development of an underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV) with a team of college seniors from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is currently a project manager and electrical engineer for Oceaneering International in Houston, TX


Chris Koberstein is an experienced cave, technical and rebreather diver. Chris uses sophisticated rebreather diving equipment to explore depths to over 300 feet. Chris works as an aviation maintenance technician with Air Canada.

Contact information​
Dan Scoville - cell 1-832-423-6318

Chris Koberstein – home 1-450-458-3590 cell 1-514-236-0824

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