CNC Mill

Deigned by:  90% Charlie Mynheir, 10% Dan Scoville

Machined by:  80% Dan Scoville, 20% Charlie Mynheir

Goal:  Make a small stand alone CNC mill with high rigidity.

Shown above is a table top size CNC mill designed primary by Charlie Mynheir.  I changed a few things to better suit my needs but Charlie did all the real work on the design.  He also helped me with some of the machining along the way.  The XY table for this mill was also designed and machined mostly by Charlie about a year prior.  Unfortunately I did not take a lot of pictures of the table during construction.  

I stated by making the quill.  The rack in the quill was cut using a custom mill bit that Charlie had ground.  So all I had to do was chuck the quill up in the mill and move over in the correct increments to make the rack.  In the center of the quill is a shaft that draws in on the chuck in and connects the drive pulley that turns the ER25 collet chuck.  I then cut the threads in the end of the quill to allow a brass end piece to screw on.  This end piece holds in the bearings in the end of the quill.  It also looks cool.

The main frame side pieces (the Big C's) were profiles in a shop with some heavy duty tooling.  In the pictures below we finished the big C's up by putting the holes in them and making a base for the frame.  I also made a face piece that holds the quill block on the big C's.  Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of that as I went.

Next the block for the quill was cut and then the hole for the quill to sit in was machined out.  The block was held in the 4 jaw chuck on the lathe and centered up using a trick with a piece of welding rod and a dial indicator