CNC Mill

Deigned by:  90% Charlie Mynheir, 10% Dan Scoville
Machined by: 
80% Dan Scoville, 20% Charlie Mynheir
Make a small stand alone CNC mill with high rigidity.

The next item was to make a couple retaining plates that will keep the teflon sheet in place inside the quill block.  Teflon sheet was used instead of bushings to make a tight but low friction surface to hold the quill.  The spacers were made from nickel aluminum bronze.

Next the main drive motor support for the spindle was machined out.  Unfortunately I did not take any pictures of making the main motor support while it was being made.  After that I made the Z axis motor bracket.  This bracket is also used to tension the belt for the quill drive.  After that I made a belt guard to keep fingers out of the belt area.

Next the drive and driven pulleys were cut out on the lathe.  Again Charlie made a cutter to put the groves in

The main drive motor mount was put on the mill and the motor was hung from it.  Then I cut out the moon shaped upper guard to keep the drive belt contain in case it ever flys off.

Driven pulley complete and installed