CNC Mill

Deigned by:  90% Charlie Mynheir, 10% Dan Scoville
Machined by:
  80% Dan Scoville, 20% Charlie Mynheir
Make a small stand alone CNC mill with high rigidity.

The drive pulley is next.  Once the pulley was cut out on the lathe I put it on the mill and cut fan blades into the bottom of it.  This will pull the air through the motor so that it will not overheat.

For turning the mill on and off I made up a little face plate and electrical box that hangs behind it.  I also hung a digital scale on the z-axis to that I know where the quill is at.

To put the quill up and down manually I made up this quill handle.  It is spring loaded and allows the handle to be re-positioned so it is in the best position for use.