Roamer ROV - RIT Senior Design Project

Deigned by:  Dan Scoville, Jason Caulk, Josh Figler, Antoine Joly, Chris Nassar, Matt Paluch, Scott Gerenser, Larry Shaver

Machined by:  Dan Scoville

Goal:  Make a small ROV that can descend to at least 500ft to video shipwrecks

The light housings were finished.  Each housing would have a 10 watt HID bulb and ballast put in it.  These should be plenty bright for our needs.  Also shown below is the 1st tilt camera design.  The camera was put on a stepper motor so we could control its tilt while the ROV was underwater.  This design was workable but the stepper motor was a bit too week for the weight of the camera.  

Pool test 1 

Some styrafoam was added for bouyancy and the ROV was ready for the 1st pool test in the RIT pool.