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Lake Champlain Shipwreck - Roosevelt Car Ferry

Found by:  Dan Scoville, Paul Garrison, Brian Lindner & Scott Van Lear  - July 2017

Location:  Off Burlington, VT

Previously Located By: LCMM

Roosevelt Car Ferry

Built in 1923 in Nyack New York. A diesel screw ferry with a wooden hull, and 108 feet in length. Two 4-cylinder engines of only 120 horsepower each powered her.


Acquired with the purchase of the company. She ran on the Grand Isle to Cumberland Head crossing.

In 1959, because of several leaks that nearly sank her overnight she was towed to mid lake and several holes chopped in her hull. Today she sits on her keel at the bottom of the lake

Newsport Daily Express  Feb 15, 1950

The ferry Roosevelt will have a new look this spring when it sails between Grand Isle and Plattsburgh.  The wooden rail around the ferry is being replaced by a solid steel, bulwark-type rail that will keep the ship-drier, be safer, and provide a little more deck space.  According to Lewis P. Evans, Jr., president of the Lake Champlain Transportation Co., the rail will be attached to the steel frame of the wooden-hulled ship.

Finding The Wreck

In the summer 2016 Dan Scoville, Paul Garrison and Brian Lindner were scanning Lake Champlain looking for the N400CP, a corporate jet lost with all hands shortly after takeoff from the Burlington airport.  During the search for the lost aircraft we ran across the final resting place of the Roosevelt car ferry.  
The roosevelt was previously located by LCMM during a comprehensive  lake wide search of Lake Champlain.
The Discovery Team​

Dan Scoville is an experienced cave and technical diver. In 2005, Dan led the development of an underwater remote operated vehicle (ROV) with a team of college seniors from the Rochester Institute of Technology. He is currently a Global new product development manager for Oceaneering International in Houston, TX


Brian Lindner is a native Vermonter and local historian.  Known as the unofficial plane crash historian for Vermont.  Author of numerous newspaper and magazine articles about Vermont history.  Twenty-six years in the Marine Division of the State Police.  Ski patroller at Stowe, EMT and leads a local Search & Rescue team.

Paul Garrison

Paul Garrison is owner of Crescent Images, LLC, a Houston based video production company that has provided video production for over 40 years of everything from special events, training videos, interviews and marketing content for corporations, small to mid-sized businesses. Special projects include video documentary coverage of ship wreck searches.


For over 26 years, Paul also is owner/founder of Crescent IT Systems, a Houston based managed IT support company that has provided its small to mid-sized clients with solutions involving data protection, systems monitoring, helpdesk, network services, cyber security services, disaster recovery/business continuity and more.  Paul holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science at University of Houston.


Prior to these organizations, Paul has been employed in numerous functions in research and development organizations involved with the integration and programming of computer-based systems involved with real-time data for monitoring and control of critical events.  Other accomplishments include AI applications residing on edge technology for the purpose of visual recognition and event assessments.

Scott Van Lear

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