Proteus ROV - Upgraded the Roamer ROV into a Commercial Product

Deigned by:  Dan Scoville, Jason Caulk, Josh Figler, Dennis, Director Jim Rall
Machined by: 
Dan Scoville / 2rd part machine shops
Upgrade Roamer into a commercial product

This page has picture of a really cool project that I went on with the Proteus version of the ROV.  I can not give the details of what we were doing but the pics are cool to look at anyway.  

We would call this ship home for a couple weeks

Working Area while on board.  We started out by deploying the ROV out the back of the ship by opening the large door the guys are working on in the picture above.

Then we eventually changed tactics and put the ROV on a small boat and deployed it from there.  This worked better.

I got the tether tangled in the ships anchor chain.  I thought I was going to loose the ROV but it tether held up and after getting the ROV disconnected with a small boat one of the crew went over the side and untangled the tether.  When it was all said and done the tether was still fine and we kept on with the mission...  although we waited for some calmer seas.